Our Staff

Mimosa has an eclectic mix of team members. We love to have a good mixture of languages which we believe forms a strong team with an open minded nature. At writing the languages spoken include Hungarian, Polish, French, Italian, Romanian, Ethiopian and many forms of English including American and Scottish!

We are all linked together by a keen motivation to please our customers and guests. Mimosa strives to offer superb and flaverful Mediterranean foods; served by friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Ashley Davis

Ashley Davis – Commercial Director

studied Psychology at Edinburgh University before deciding to embark on a career in food retail. I spend my first five years working for fruit and veg suppliers to the supermarkets working on the commercial and technical aspects of the trade before moving to work for Ocado as a buyer. I bought fresh foods for three years at Ocado, then spend a year sourcing gourmet experiences for Buyagift and finally two years at Sainsburys with my last job as the cereals and preserves buyer.

Having spent over ten years working for the corporate world,  I am looking forward to working at Mimosa to develop the business and learn from the experienced team. What can Mimosa be in the future? I see a business that provides tasty, beautiful and engaging food to match the customer’s vision, served by a team that are happy to help.

Food will always be inspiring, a happy thought, a moment to share, a favourite food memory and the more of these that can be created by Mimosa, the better our business will become.


Steph Davis
Steph Davis – Operations Director

I have a background in business, marketing and supply chain having studied Marketing at Leicester University. My first work was in retail management. Only later did I discover my first real working passion in supply chain and process, discovering a love for spreadsheets and numbers! I later moved to Amazon.co.uk and then to Nike where my last job involved working with Nike’s big retail partners, Harrods, Liberty and John Lewis.

One of the main things I have learnt in 12 years of big business is that every company is only as good as its people and its product, and they are the two things that Mimosa does so well and that I hope to help them continue to do well in the future. Mimosa has a wonderful team and serves great food. My main passions in life are Marathon running and music – they both seem to make people their very best, smiling, happy and having fun. Great food brings out the same emotions in people and to be part of that journey is something I am really looking forward to!

Shonagh Roberts
Shonagh Roberts – Events Manager

I grew up in Scotland, studying business at university in Glasgow before going into restaurant management.  I moved to London 3 years ago after nearly 10 years abroad (India, the Middle East, East Africa and Central America predominately) and I adore the way anyone can feel at home here, more than anywhere I have been.
Since moving here I have worked with a new wood fired Neapolitan pizza company at a huge variety of events, from small private parties and street markets to the biggest festivals in the UK.  Working within the pop-up food market in London really puts you at the forefront of the UK’s food trends and it was a great learning experience.
I love looking after people, and organising catering for weddings, which I have done in many of my previous jobs, is something I find particularly rewarding.  To see it all come together after months of planning, and to see so many people so happy on the day is definitely one of the best parts of my job.  I hope my future with Mimosa involves many of those moments, small and large.

Sam Carelli - Mimosa's Head Chef

Samuele Carelli – Head Chef

After leaving school in Italy I was drawn to London’s reputation for forward thinking, modern restaurants.  I love Italian food, but I longed to try something a little different, that would fulfill my passion for trying new flavours and combinations & broaden my experience. 
In 2001 I decided to move to London,inspired by a catering industry that is rightly famous for it’s multiculturalism . I’m so glad I made that move! London is the European capital of the food industry. My first few years I worked for a modern European restaurant in the City, I was trained, the hard, old school way, by Valentino Bosch, a chef with Michelin star experience who I still look up.
I was able to use all that knowledge to move onto Michelin stars & Rosette accredited restaurants across the capital, from the Clerkenwell Dining Room to Petrichor at the Cavendish hotel and more.  As my experience grew so did my responsibilites & after a short stint as Head Chef in a trendy restaurant in Shoreditch I became Head Chef at The Tudor Barn in Eltham, a beautiful 16th century building.
After nearly 3 years there, filled with great achievements, I felt the need for a new direction. Having spent nearly 14 years in high end restaurants I wanted to try something a little different with a bigger variety of menus.  I saw the post for a vacancy at Mimosa and thought  it was just what I was looking for: a new, interesting challenge with a small expanding business.As they say the rest is history, Ashley & Steph are so clearly passionate about the company they are growing that it was impossible for me not to be caught up in that.
What next?..We are building on our solid foundations to expand & establish Mimosa as the leading provider of fresh, delicious, homemade food in south London.

Olivier Benon

Olivier Benon – Kennington Manager

Je m’appelle Olivier and I grew up in Cognac, Southern France (where Cognac is made – one of the most exported drinks in the world) .
After studying languages , literature and tourism, I was offered a summer job at DisneyLand Paris in 1993. I had a great time working at the entrance of the Disney Park, as a Ticketing, welcoming host and reservation agent.
I spent ten years with this great company working my way up to the top from a Welcoming Host to Hotel Cheyenne Saloon F&B Manager and finally as the Manager of The Buffalo Bill Wild West Show!
In 2006 I became F&B Manager position in Glasgow, Scotland for a company called SNO!zone. I spent 3 years at the Head of the SNO!bar and 1 year as Operations Manager, before deciding I need a new challenge and warmer weather.
I settled in Malaga and became the manager of Romero Restaurant , a new creation, which gave me the opportunity to be involved in creating the menus. After a few very good seasons the owners sold the restaurant and I decided to move to London.
I arrived in November 2015 in London, and applied to for the Kennington Manager job as I was seduced by the challenge of participating, one more time in the launch of a new place, that is dedicated in cooking with real quality products , from different origins and has a real passion for food. I also read the bios from Team Members across the two other Mimosa Cafés and it was attractive to once again be part of a team with various horizons and mixed cultures. Merci to Ashley, Steph and Jan, for believing in me and offering me this opportunity to join the Mimosa Team.

Emmanuel Ganea

Emanuel Ganea – Vauxhall Manager

I graduated from the University from Bucharest in 2008, moved to London and started to work in the food industry. I worked my way up from kitchen porter in a cafe to eventually becoming an assistant manager at an Italian restaurant where I worked for 5 years before joining the team at Mimosa.

Mimosa is an amazing place to work, it is more than just a shop where you can buy your morning coffee or your lunch. Mimosa has got a fantastic range of original food as well as a defined character and set values, that we call the “Mimosa philosophy”, as well as a great team. This differentiates it from so many other companies others and makes it special.

My goal as Vauxhall Manager is to deliver a great experience to every single customer each time they visit Mimosa through our delicious food and fantastic customer service.
I feel proud every time I see a regular because this mean that the effort providing a great service has been appreciated. Every happy customer is a victory for me.

Our Kitchen Team – Rocco and Carmelo

Rocco Carmelo